Creative Edge Dance Company  

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What Is Company 

Creative Edge Dance  Company is one cohesive family of dancers composed of varying styles and ages. Creative Edge  Dance Academy's pre-pro company consist of dancers of all ages training for the professional world of dance. Being a member of CEDA Co. helps students grow as a well-seasoned dancer, boost self-esteem and confidence as a performer, and provides the opportunity to take your dance career to the next level! 


What Does It Take?

We are excited to begin our 3rd  competitive season of Creative Edge Dance Company! It takes more than just talent to be a company member. We look for dancers who are dedicated to the art of dance, responsible, hard workers, and have a positive attitude in the classroom. Dancers are observed by the CEDA staff on a daily basis in all their classes and dancers who we feel meet the criteria of being a company member are invited to to train with current company members to see if CEDA Co would be a good fit for them.. If you want to be considered for a position in the company, share your interest with the staff and treat every class as an audition.  Auditions are open to the public as well. Company members are selected by Alyssa Minogue  to those who show interest.  Those asked to join are asked to make a one-year commitment to bring their talents and positive energy to the team.

 For more info contact Nicole Schneider Assistant Director at (219)323-5008





Audition Information

**Jr and teen dancers planning to be considered for CEDA Co or on CEDA Co are REQUIRED to be enrolled in a minimum of 4 summer classes ** 

** Petite dancers planning to be considered for CEDA Co or on CEDA Co are REQUIRED to be enrolled in petite technique and combo

CEDA Co is looking for dancers 4yrs and up to join our company

Miss Alyssa is looking for .....

  •  Performance execution

  •  Skills execution

  • Positive  Attitude