Dress Code


Dress code is necessary for teachers to see a dancer’s alignment and positioning. By “dressing the part,” dancers feel like dancers. Dress codes within dance classes create unity among students, minimize distractions, and allow dancers to focus on instruction. We respectfully ask both parents and students to ensure that the dress code is followed. 

Dancers will be asked to sit out of class if not dressed appropriately.


Combo, Technique , Stretch  and /Tumbling Acro.

Students are required to follow dress requirements below.

(Sports Bra )   

 (PLAIN Black dance shorts) 

 (Tan leather Pirouettes )


 Hair secured in bun or ponytail.


Ballet .

Students are required  to follow dress requirments below

(Black leotard Pink Tights)**all pink MUST be dance pink**

(Pink Ballet Shoe) students 6+ need pink canvas ballet shoes.

Hair secured in bun. No Slippers


Hip Hop

 Come in ur own personal fun style. No jeans.

Gym shoes or combat boots required. Hip Hop students may wear anything that is comfortable and easy to move in. Please wear clean, athletic shoes used only for dance class. Shoes worn outside will not be allowed in the classroom.

Pink canvas ballet shoe

“Tan Leather Pirouettes by Capezio ONLY ”  

No Slippers