Tuition is due on the 28th of every month

Late fee of $15 applied for tuition not paid by the 28th 

Returned checks $30 late fee applies

Monthly tuition is based on a 3-5 week month

Try a class for $20 and when registering same day we apply it to your registration fee. 

1 hour per week $ 65

2 hours per week $125

3 hours per week $ 160

 4 hours per week $180

Ask about our unlimited class rate (starts at 5 hours a week)

For an additional half hour add $25 to your tuition 


Annual Registration fee $25

Family Registration $40

1 Hour Private Lesson $60

½ Hour Private Lesson $35

**Students in combo class are HIGHLY encouraged to take technique**

To save $5 when registering click